Sump Pump Installation in Cherry Hill, NJ

Is your property prepared for heavy rains, excessive snow melt, and other sources of moisture? At Safer Homes Services LLC, sump pump solutions are our specialty. We provide a range of models for properties of every size in Cherry Hill, NJ and beyond, all engineered to promote peace of mind with improved durability, optimal extraction rates, and simple system maintenance. 


Protecting your home against basement flooding with a better sump pump is an investment that can quickly pay for itself. In the never-ending battle against invasive moisture, there are several reasons to consider a newer sump pump system. Whether your aging sump pump is at the end of its life cycle or you have experienced repeated basement flooding, our state-of-the-art sump pump replacements in Cherry Hill, NJ protect your home with: 

We exclusively install sump pumps that have a proven track record of performance reliability and material quality to prevent basement flooding.

When the forecast in Cherry Hill, NJ calls for a torrential downpour, you can trust that your sump pump installation will meet your property’s drainage needs.

We are the go-to sump pump team in Cherry Hill, NJ and surrounding areas for high-performance sump pump battery systems. Ask us about a model with an alternative power supply so that you can be prepared for storms, outages, and every rainy situation in between.

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    Common Signs That a Sump Pump Needs To Be Replaced or Repaired

    Like many realms of proactive home maintenance, early intervention often leads to fewer costs and reduced property damage. Fortunately, the majority of sump pump issues are relatively easy to detect and can often be resolved with simple processes like system cleaning.

    As the last line of defense against basement flooding, it’s essential to seek immediate support at the first sign of trouble. Here are some common sump pump warning signs to be aware of when evaluating your system in Cherry Hill, NJ: 

    • Signs of moisture: Musty odors, visible water stains, leaks around the piping, and basement water accumulation are indicative of a sump pump failure or problems with the drainage. 
    • Unusual pump noises and vibrations: Aging components and mechanical damage can lead to grinding, scraping, popping, and other unusual pump problems that may be telling you it’s time for a replacement.
    • Failing pump activation: Commonly caused by a broken water sensor, a damaged motor, or a faulty power supply, a thorough system inspection is necessary if your system isn’t activating when the basin fills. 
    • Valve and drainage issues: If there is a blockage or the backflow valve is malfunctioning, water flow may be slowed or returned to the system, causing the motor to work harder than it needs to. 

    For any other unusual sump pump concerns, our team is your all-in-one resource for troubleshooting and resolutions. Additionally, we offer sump pump replacements in Marlton, NJ, and surrounding areas with turn-key installation service as well as a range of high-capacity options for every budget.

    sump pump replacement cherry hill nj
    sump pump installation cherry hill nj

    How Long Does a Sump Pump Typically Last?

    The average sump pump will last approximately 7-10 years with routine maintenance. Of course, this timeline depends on the sump pump model, the quality of the installation, maintenance schedules, and the frequency of use. In general, if you live in a region with more precipitation or your home is at a lower elevation, your system will work harder, increasing replacement frequency. Alternatively, if you live in a drier region and you keep your system in great shape, your system may easily outlast the average sump pump lifespan. 


    If you need help with maintenance or repair, or you’re searching for a better sump pump installation in Cherry Hill, NJ, contact us for recommendations today.

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